Live Smart, Eat GOOD

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 Gque is the Premier Competition BBQ team in Front Range – In 2013 we either won Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion or took 3rd Overall in over half the contests we competed in. We have earned perfect scores for our Chicken, Pork and Brisket – Learn more about what we have accomplished

Frustrated being a recipe follower and not really sure about the science of cooking meat with fire – Tap into what I have learned over the years as a competition BBQ professional and get educated on best practices cooking Beef, Pork and Poultry and fire management – Become a Grill Daddy!

Come and hang out with us at competition this year – You can always count on the food being hot and the beer being Cold and the jokes well…the jokes might be good. Here’s our Schedule 

Meat the Team That Brings home the bacon! We are a family of 6 and have the best Pit Bitch on the circuit a team can have – Learn More about us here! 

GQue BBQ  Team Mission

Our mission is to consume as much BBQ as possible and spread our passion of BBQ through sharing what we have learned at our Grill Daddy Academies.

Our Clients Say it Best
  •  Amazing BBQ and People! When it comes to picturing a master BBQ'er, you think of a gruff, crusty, older guy with a perma-stained shirt, bourbon breath, and smoker stained hair. What you don't expect is a funny, pleasant BBQ'er who makes sure that you've thought of everything to make your event shine! –Stuart Erickson

  • Wow! Jason and GQue really amazed me at a party I attended last weekend, I had never had competition BBQ before and was not sure what to expect - HOLY COW! I am now spoiled and won’t ever get BBQ from a restaurant again unless I have to. Cant wait to get my hands on some of that!–Megan Allen

  • I have had the privilege to cook with, and compete with, Jason for much of the last 3 competitive seasons ('11-'13). The entire experience has been not just fun, but it's been a fantastic learning experience for me. When I think about the fact that people dedicate their entire lives to the craft of BBQ, and we are - competition after competition - not just holding our own, but frequently winning against them, it just blows my mind. Jason has developed a deep knowledge of every aspect of BBQ cooking and by working with him, I have learned more than I thought possible about the art of BBQing. The best part for me is that now I get to cook excellent BBQ for my friends and family, and bask in the glow of their praise and compliments... and I have Jason to thank for all of it.–Kenny Crochet