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Order from our
mouth-watering menu
  • Bacon wrapped shrimp is an easy no frills way to get 2 of life pleasures bacon and shrimp together to combine them in in one awesome bite. Complement each bacon wrapped Shrimp with a kiss of hickory s...

  • Prime Ribeye Cap is arguably the most tastiest part of a cow. Costco has been selling it lately. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you have never had it before. It is marbled with all kinds of fa...

  • To become Denver’s BBQ expert and Westminster’s BBQ catering service of choice, GQue BBQ had to do decades of homework (and even more BBQing). BBQing isn’t just cooking—it’s equal parts art and scienc...

  • In order to become Denver’s BBQ restaurant of choice, GQue had to walk the BBQ walk—and talk the talk, too. BBQ, much like other forms of cooking, has a lot of nomenclature that isn’t used anywhere el...

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