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Championship Winning BBQ in Denver, Colorado | GQue BBQ
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Colorado's Ultimate Barbecue Experience | GQue BBQ | Denver, Colorado
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Colorado's Ultimate Barbecue Experience | GQue BBQ | Denver, Colorado
GQue's Award-Winning Barbecue | GQue BBQ
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Denver's Award-Winning Barbecue | GQue BBQ

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  • BBQ Pulled pork Recipe using Big red Soda. In this video we combine the bold unique flavor of Big Red Soda with an easy Pulled Pork recipe to see how it would taste. We make sliders with a cole slaw and wash it down with Big Red Soda. BBQ Pulled......

  • There is a Steak Sandwich and there is a Steak Sandwich. In this video I not only give you the best steak sandwich recipe but I will also show you how to make an ordinary Steak Sandwich Extraordinary by swapping out the bread for Strip Steaks. This adds for a bite......

  • Grilled Cheese Tacos if you have never had it is something I highly recommend trying if you like grilled cheese and if you like tacos.  For the grilled cheese tacos recipe in this video, I take Taco Seasoning and add it to smoked Ground beef that we made on the......

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