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If you’re looking to bring your meat-cooking talents to a larger audience, there’s no better way to get started than by inviting your friends over for an all-inclusive BBQ feast. At GQue BBQ, a classic BBQ spread is an art and science—an advanced examination of cooking and eating.

If you’re not as a much of a master as our Denver BBQ expert and pitmaster Jason Ganahl, it might be best to start with something a bit more simple and manageable so you don’t run the risk of a BBQ disaster with all of your friends around.

From GQue to you, here are a few of the simplest cuts of meat to cook up, that can easily feed groups of small or large sizes.


Burgers are the go-to choice of meat for any backyard BBQ, block party, or casual outdoor celebration. But don’t you dare buy some pre-packaged burgers at the grocery store and call it a day. Find yourself a high quality butcher who will give you freshly ground beef that’s jam-packed with that fatty burger flavor.

And for the love of burgers, don’t overcook your patties. Medium or medium rare is the sweet spot of burger bliss—a well-done burger is just an express route to well-done disappointment.


Hot dogs? Are you serious right now? If you’re feeding a large group of friends, you can do a lot better than some hot sticks of mystery meat.

Dump the ‘dogs (and the ketchup) for a more flavorful cylindrical food item: a sausage. First of all, sausages are much more substantial and satisfying than hot dogs, and have a more complex and interesting flavor. They’re low maintenance, relatively cheap, and great for crowds of all sizes. Like most delicious grilled meats, cook them low and slow over indirect heat. You’ll avoid the dreaded “burst link” and you’ll unleash a barrage a sausage flavor upon your fortunate guests.

Whole Tenderloin

A high quality beef tenderloin is the pinnacle of juiciness, smoothness, and pleasant meat texture. Plus, it can easily feed a small to mid-size dining group (people can serve themselves, too). Impress your guests by throwing this majestic hunk of meat on the grill, and let them bask in the glory of one of the most unbelievably tender cuts of meat in the BBQ game.

Short Rib

If you’re a braising expert, short ribs can provide your guests with divine, fall-off-the-bone goodness. But when cut thin enough, they’re a great grilling option that cooks fast and evenly. At around five bucks per serving, short ribs are a cost-effective meat option for crowds of any size, and their interesting shape and cut will be a nice change of pace in a world of burgers and steaks.

Whole Brisket

If burgers and brats are too easy for you, let us recommend a more advanced BBQ project: cooking up an entire BBQ brisket. Often known as the “holy cut of BBQ,” a brisket is the perfect combination of meat, fat, and flavor—and a great way to feed a large group of people. Plus, when you set down the spectacularly large hunk of meat on the dinner table, your guests will be speechless (and ravenous). If you’re wondering how BBQ brisket is done, stop by GQue BBQ for a taste.

Don’t forget some sides!

At a BBQ feast, the meat is the star of the show. But every good show needs a supporting cast, which means your meat is going to needs some supportive sides before your feast is complete. Grilled vegetables are a healthy side option that can accompany your meat during the cooking process, and baked beans, while not as healthy for the body, are certainly healthy for the hungry soul.

With something as heavy as meat, it’s hugely important to pair it with more light and refreshing fare—otherwise, your guests could be leaving your feast with a kind goodbye, and The Itis.

Let GQue BBQ Inspire You

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next BBQ feast, we’d love to have you stop by GQue BBQ for some championship BBQ meats and sides. Even if your BBQ is far from championship level, sitting down for a meal at GQue could be exactly what you need to create a highly unique BBQ experience for all of your family and friends. Check out our menu, and stop by our Westminster BBQ restaurant today!

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