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April Foods Day

By March 31, 2011No Comments



With April Fools Day less than 24 hours away I wanted to share with you a few pranks you could play on your unsuspecting friends, family or co-workers tomorrow. Of course all of these pranks have to do with food.

1) If you get chinese food you can replace the fortune in a fortune cookie with one you make up. To do this use tweezers to remove and insert your new fortune. I recommend creating something that is exclusive to the unsuspecting mark for example, if your mark is deciding whether or not to change their hair color tell them in their fortune how great they look in whatever the new color is. Or whatever you come up with but you get the idea this one can be great depending on how creative you are.

2) Here is a good one for co-workers bring in a box of donuts tomorrow, take the jelly donuts use a straw to suck the jelly out or a turkey baster and replace it with ketchup or any other condiment of your choice. Be sure to take a pic of their face as they bite into that Yummy jelly donut.

3) Here is one you can do on your children at dinner tomorrow night instead of serving them mashed potatoes serve them ice cream and see if they notice the difference before they eat it. The younger the kids the better the chance of pulling this one off.

4) If cooking is not your thing and you go out to eat here is one for you. When the host ask for your name for the registration leave a funny one there are lots of examples I remember bart simpson calling moes bar all the time asking for funny names examples are Hugh Jazz, Dick Hertz and Phil McCrotch and several others. If you dont want to go that route you can leave your name as a famous athlete or movie star.

5) Staying on the dork theme here is one I like to do with regularity. If dining in or out is not your thing and you just want fast food then hit your favorite drive-through and make sure the person on the other side of the intercom knows its “to go” keep reminding them subtley until they let you know that they got it.

No matter which one you try or if you try one of your own tomorrow be sure to try it again on any day other than April 1st. Have fun – play a prank on someone and tell us what you did so we can add it to the list to play on someone…….next week!

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