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In this video I take you through step by step how to trim Spareribs down to St. Louis style. Learning how to do this will not only make your ribs look puuuuurdy for your guests they will also cook more evenly and save you money if you buy them as whole spares and trim them yourself instead of having the processor or butcher do it.

I show you the easiest way to do them:

-First find a nice meaty rack with no shiners

-Then trim off the Brisket flap.
-Next find the longest bone usually the 3rd or 4th bone and cut between the rib tips and the rib bones.
-Then do the other side making a rectangle of ribs.
-Next flip the rack over and remove the membrane using a paper towel

Now your ribs are ready to cook – If you want to learn how to cook your ribs from one of the top Competition cooks in the Country then subscribe to my newsletter at for updates on upcoming classes.

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