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The shirt says it all

If you love the taste of meat more specifically if you love the taste of BBQ smoked slow and low over a blend of hickory,oak and applewood then I want YOU and your OPINION!! Mark your calender for Saturday April 23rd. I am doing a little “market research” on what flavor profile I will use to enter into the first couple of contests. I will take my recipes that I ended with last year and put them up against newly created recipes from the offseason and you get to pick which one you like better. I will serve chicken,ribs,pork and brisket. I will serve at least 2 different flavors of each meat. Each person will get a scorecard, I will give a very brief tutorial on what to look for in terms of  texture then you can score accordingly and determine which one taste the best as their is no right answer to taste, taste is whatever you prefer. The meat that scores the highest with taste is what I will enter into my first 3-4 contests this year. Our success this year depends on your feedback. If you can come over on Saturday the 23rd please do. We will begin at 2pm and I will serve a different meat every 30 minutes. We should end around 4pm. I am only serving MEAT so if you want something to drink or something else to eat please bring it with you. You will most likely eat over a pound of meat so please come hungry and opiononated. Tell your friends!! The more the merrier. If you know you can make it please send me a confirmation email through facebook or to and I will hold your spot and answer any questions you may have. We are looking forward to having you over, having a little fun and your feedback.



  • Glen Hatchell says:

    If I was in Colorado, you know I’d be there.

  • Meg says:

    Hey Jas, I have a baby shower that afternoon and due to your meat only rule..I cna’t vote anyhow, you can add my votes to your own if you need a tie breaker!

  • Phil & Lou BBQ says:

    You’re killing me… I wish I could be there. Maybe I’ll recruit some representatives. I’m glad to see you’re going through with this. I should do the same before my Utah cook.

    • Jason Ganahl says:

      Cool!! Glad to see your doing some up in Utah – Keep me posted. Got to shake off the rust you know….or at least as much as I can. Forward the link to whomever…Opinions wanted!

  • Mary & Terry Bonner says:

    Hi Jason,

    I am new to the pack at Camp Bow Wow Corporate Headquarters and my husband and I would love to join you. My husband works at Miller-Coors and he wants to know how much gratis beer he can bring for you. Do you have a preference in product type? Let Heidi know and Terry will take care of it. He is also a Meatatarian who loves to BBQ on his Traeger & Weber grills. I call him Chef Tere.
    Thanks for the invite Mary

    • Jason Ganahl says:

      HI Mary! You had me at gratis beer!! I plan on having 50 people over so whatever you think. No prefernce here, myself and the guests are all equal opportunity drinkers. AWESOME contribution – Many thanks, watch how many people now rsvp since their is FREE BEER!

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