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Recap Canon City CO

By June 7, 2011No Comments

Canyon City hosted a  terrific BBQ contest this past weekend. The weather was terrific not one drop of rain highs in the mid 80’s and we were on grass in the middle of a football field across from the Abbey.  We even had our own monks to assist with whatever tasks we needed. I only had one task for my monk all weekend and that was to find me a coupla toothpicks if possible, he was having a hard a time finding toothpicks at the contest and offered to go to the store and get them for me…How’s that for service? I told him that was not necessary but I appreciated his dedication to his service of me. During the cooks meeting there was a raffle where everyone won something, I won a piggy puppet and a few folks won piggy hats. Matthew of Chibi-Q won a piggy hat and so did Johnny Trigg, I was able to get a pic of the two of them courtesy of Matthews dad Michael. Potluck was awesome. Bobs catfish, Cajun Krewes Hush Puppies, Lizzie Q’s salad and Smokin Louies mac and cheese all stand out as memorable.

The godfather of BBQ and the future of BBQ in their piggy hats

The headline band on Friday was Flash Cadillac and I really enjoyed listening to them on Friday night, they are a popular band that has been on Happy Days and American Graffiti – those guys still have it! While the music was hot my cook was not – My cook did not go so well, I felt like I was off my game similar to Loveland at times it felt like I have not bbq’d in a while, don’t know if it was from the week off last week or what. I was very happy with my results given my lack of execution. We entered in the sauce contest and took 5th we also had calls in Chicken 10th, 8th Ribs and Pesky Pork brought me a 3rd place finish. I finished 7th overall which I am thrilled with. There were a couple of significant accomplishments this past weekend. Congrats to Flyboy BBQ as they notched a perfect score 180 in desert with their chocolate rum cake…..MMMMmmmm That sounds good to me!! Johnny Trigg has come to Canyon City the last 3 years and has won Reserve each of those 3 years. If I am fortunate to compete in Canyon City next year, myslef and the other competitors will be sure to try to make it 4 in a row for the Godfather. The hottest team in BBQ right now also competed in Canyon City.  Kelly Wertz and 4 legs up have won 3 straight Grand Championships in the last 3 weeks. I know several folks myself including that would consider giving up a finger for the chance to have the “big walk” and win one GC and Kelly makes it look easy with his 3rd in a row. Congrats Kelly and Good Luck on number 4 in a row!!

I did a better job of getting pics this week I hope you enjoy them, I still intend to include video and interviews for future contests – Next week is Pueblo. They are expecting about 40 teams and some strong contenders all hoping to get to jump in the river in the pueblo tradition of taking the “big walk”. Cant wait! See you there!!

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