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Recap Castle Rock CO, Loveland CO and Laramie WY

By July 21, 2011No Comments

Seems like it has been a while since my last post and well it has…Its been about three weeks. I will do a brief recap of all 3.  Castle Rock was a first year contest. It had some of the first year hiccups but considering all of the other events they had with the amusement rides and bands I suppose they did a good job…They certainly get an A from me as a result of Free Del Norte beer one of the sponsors of the event. I really enjoy the comps that are nearby within an hour or so drive. Not only is it a quick drive but my family usually comes out on Saturday. With this contest being in suburban Denver, GQue had about 12 people for the awards, while that sounds cool and it also creates some anxiety as I don’t want to disappoint the folks that came out to see the awards and cheer the cooks on. I got to cook next to Pig Floyd for the first time. I really enjoyed that – They play the best music. Bob also makes a killer cocktail on Saturday morning tastes like something you would have on the beach he puts a little ground nutmeg on top. We were fortunate to hit the right tables in Castle Rock and took 3rd overall for our best finish of the year. The cherry on top was having several family and friends on hand being able to share the moment with. Whew!! also was a relief getting GQue called a couple of times so they could have a reason to cheer. My buddy Steve Renfroe and Flyboy BBQ took home their 2nd GC at Castle Rock – Way to go Steve!!! I have noticed his arms are getting bigger from carrying those trophies each week!



I had no time to bask in the sense of accomplishment from doing well. I came home unloaded the U-hual…..for the LAST TIME and got on the road to Herculaneum MO – 20 miles South of St. Louis) to pick up chunk, my new BBQ Trailer. The drive was not bad as I made the trip from Denver to St. Louis in one day about 14 hours including a couple of stops. I was able to stop off in Kansas City for dinner. Whenever I am in KC, I love to go to Jack Stack for some burnt ends and Boulevard Pale Ale. I went to the location downtown right off 1-70. First time I have dined at that location. Everything was Perfect! I even had a good neighbor at the bar to share the meal with that I enjoyed talking with he was moving from Chattanooga to Portland and was driving through KC as well. I enjoy Champagne from time to time and he told me that there is a champagne manufacturer in the US specifically out of New Mexico. I have their name written down somewhere but I think the manufacturer is called Gruet. I am excited to try some American Champagne. I got to spend the night at my folks house in St. Louis and see my grandparents the next day and went and picked up my trailer from Viper Motor Sports in Herculaneum MO. I spent months researching trailers and found Dennis at Viper as he was the cheapest. Being familiar with the adage you get what you pay for I was worried the trailer would be flimsy and not well constructed. I was relieved to see that it was indeed very well put together and after using it a few times already it has held up well and I am thrilled and have no reservation in recommending Dennis at Viper for a new BBQ trailer.



Loveland was next and went well. I cooked next to Smoke N the Rockies and enjoyed their company from their group and their gentleman jack…I drank way to much during their weekly Denny Crane moments and paid the price the next day. I took some aspirin and drank water as  if I was getting scored on that instead of ribs. They had a local caterer make breakfast for the cooks. He made some killer biscuits and gravy!! Fortunately none of the alcohol withdraws affected my cook. I had a great time also cooking next to Ryan and 2 lil macs. We ended up taking 9th overall but was just 1 point away from 6th. Loveland was great as it is only an hour away and my family got to come up and celebrate another great week. Congrats to Florida Skin and Bones on their GC.

Laramie was up next and was a great comp. I love the big ice freezer and the invitation to take as much as you need. I have never seen that at a comp before. The cook went great – I think it was the best one of the year in terms of me being happy with all four of my categories. The judges agreed for the most part and we got top 10 finishes in every category except for Pork. We were DQ’d in pork because we had an ingredient that was to big, it was a little bittersweet as pork after a rocky start has been our most consistent category and I would have had a chance at getting a top 10 in each of the four categories at the same comp which is something we have never done. Congrats to Burnin’ Bob on his GC as he put up some astounding numbers and had an incredible cook!  I am not sure why he calls himself Burnin’ Bob as if his scores are any indicator, hes not burning anything, he is cooking it perfectly!

We have two weeks off, although we will be catering some birthday parties and then will be back at it in Dillon. Dillon will be a huge contest with several of the nations top teams including last years KCBS team of the year QUAU. They will be coming in from Illinois and I will enjoy competing against them and all the other teams that show up August 11 &12th in Dillon. We are also vending so come out and get some grub and say hello!!



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