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Competition BBQ

Recap Frisco 2011

By June 21, 2011No Comments

Finally getting my legs back under me from last weeks prep and cook in Frisco. We had brought 100 racks of ribs and sold everyone. That’s the good news – The bad news is we brought 200 pounds of pork and sold about 70. We had way to much. We also had enough ingredients to sell 600 snowcones….we sold 4! I was advised by a savy event planner that I would have no problem selling 600 snow cones and I should bring enough ingredients for 1000 boy was he off! ha! Vending for my first time was a lot like cooking a contest for the the first time. You can talk to all the people you want to to find out the best way to do it and prepare for it but you will inevitably make mistakes that you can learn from. I learn by doing and now that I got the first one done and behind me I can start planning for my second vending contest in Dillon next month. My first BBQ contest I thought I knew what I was doing based on conversations I had with folks and blogs and stories I had read but I had no idea, it was very similar to vending however after I actually did a contest and vended I now know what should be done and that knowledge I can not obtain until I actually did it. I want to thank those members of GQue nation that gave up their time to pull off what I would consider a successful weekend. We sold 100 racks of ribs, 70 pounds of pork and 4 snow cones. Oh yeah there was also a contest going on and we took 4th in sauce 8th in pork and 15th overall out of 65 teams. Those folks that helped pull that off include my wife Heidi, Tori, Susie and Harv, Michael Ulrich and his family, Tyler Lewis, Ryan McBreen, Phil Straw, Deb Hall, John Vietti, Vic and Angie. There were moments in the week leading up to Frisco that the only way I thought it would be able to get pulled off is with a miracle but through the efforts of the folks above we were able to do it and for that I am grateful and appreciative.

We had a spot right in front of the stage while several thought that made for a good spot it is no coincidence all the first year venders were in the same spot. I was not a fan of the location, I do hope that next year we will be put more towards the middle of main street. It was nice having my wife their and putting her to work carrying my boxes now if I can only teach her how to build a box. We had great neighbors! Engine 51 smokers from St. James Missouri. It was a pleasure to get to know Tex and his family. Our cook took a backseat for most of the weekend, I really did not want that to happen but it did, the meat for all four categories came straight out the smoker and into the boxes. While that is my M.O. for ribs and chicken it is not for brisket and pork, I generally like to let my pork and brisket rest a couple of hours before I cut into it and box it. All things considered I am thrilled with how the weekend went. We had a ball meeting folks and the music was outstanding – we had several folks come back on Saturday and several folks tell us how much they enjoyed our BBQ and will be looking for us in Dillon. I regret that I was not able to take any pics or video to post in this entry. I will be heading to St. Louis for a week to spend time with my folks and friends and will be judging the comp in Alton IL. Looking forward to judging again and seeing my family and friends. We will be ready to compete in Castle rock the following week. I have a  feeling that “just doing a comp” will seem a little less hectic than it did 2 weeks ago.


Thursday night Sunset in Frisco

Congrats to Johnny Trigg on his Grand Championship as he beat out a strong field of 65 and to Rib-it who is one of the the hottest teams in the RMBBQA. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Castle Rock in 2 weeks! Cant wait!

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