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Pork and Brew BBQ Competition


Back from Rio Rancho and the Pork and Brew BBQ Competition. What a job Greg Pena and his team did putting together and outstanding competition. I was impressed when I saw the trophies. Each first place winner along with the reserve and grand champions received a piece of wood that was sculpted by chainsaws. I was told they have little mini chainsaws they used to etch out the details of the pigs and cows that were created. I wish I had a picture to show as any words I use wouldn’t do the artists justice.

The weather was great. It wasn’t as hot as I expected. Speaking of heat don’t people in New Mexico like heat? I had thought the self-proclaimed chili heads would like a little heat this past weekend. I was wrong. I spiced up the chicken and got dinged. As they usually are its a lesson learned the hard way. The contest was won with an impressive performance from Little pig town as they went on to win the Grand. The Reserve went to the Godfather Johnny Trigg. Trigg has had a nice run in events I have participated in this year. Its always nice to see Johnny do well. My favorite memory from the weekend was sitting in the parking lot watching fireworks with him on the 4th as he told bbq stories. American Dream had a “disappointing” week as they came up 3rd overall. Disappointing because they have had a heck of a run on reserves and grands, they did notch a 180 perfect score on brisket so they got that going for them.

Our cook went fine we just missed the marks on what I thought the judge would like. We are off this week. I am going to practice on some chicken as I still think there are some things I need to improve. I was happy with the new ribs this weekend. The ribs finished 8th but won the table and the table had some good teams on it so I think we are set for at least the next 2 contests there. our next contest will be in 2 weeks in Laramie WY. I have never really had success there. Well see if we can turn it around!

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