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In need of catering in Westminster this spring? For all things catering, you need to plan ahead and find the most delicious food possible for your event. Otherwise, you’ll be scrambling last minute before your event just to put fast casual Mexican food or soggy sandwiches on the table.

Make a strong and tasty plan for your catering, and enlist GQue BBQ to bring championship BBQ to your next event.

But don’t just get GQue BBQ for your catering in Westminster—do it right. Here’s everything you need for a spectacular catering experience:


Meat is the first and the last—the beginning and the end of a BBQ experience. You need saucy, steaming meat, by the pound, to feed the whole group. One pound of meat feeds about three or four people, so follow this magic formula, and diversify your meat selection with ribs, brisket, and mouth-watering pulled pork for a meatiest of meat experiences.


No BBQ feast is complete without some sides. Get at least a half dozen sides, and load up on them—and you better not forget to bring on the sauce.

  • Apple Slaw
  • Pit Smoked Beans
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Cookies & Brownies
  • BBQ Sauce

Your Favorite People

If you don’t bring people, who’s going to eat all the BBQ?

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