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BLT’s are one of my favorite things to eat.  What’s not to like about Bacon Lettuce and Tomato? I see in the restaurant several people ordering sandwiches without the bread so I thought a BLT without the bread would be something that would interest the gluten free folks. That’s how we got the BLT Roll.

BLT Roll is a twist on the traditional Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich. Its rolled up like a sushi roll and it tastes Fantastic. By making a bacon weave and rolling up the lettuce and tomato you get a a great taste reminiscent of a BLT sandwich with each bite. This was Fantastic and I will certainly make it again.

BLT Roll Recipe

Its pretty easy to put together – Next time I do it I may not do the bacon weave and instead just line them up side by side and roll it up and cut where each slice of bacon meets. I noticed I could have rolled it a bit tighter to get a tighter roll. The roll came out a little looser than I would have liked.


Thick Cut Bacon – 12 strips per roll
Your Favorite Pork Rub
Your favorite Mayo

Make bacon Weave by following instructions in video – dust with rub
Smoke or Cook bacon in oven at 375 for 18-20 minutes
put maple syrup on cooked side and flip and rub and cook until bacon is cooked through and pliable but not crisp about 5-10 minutes however cook times will vary.
Put layer of mayo on bacon then lettuce (in video I did tomato but if I did again I would do lettuce next then tomato last.
then roll up with sushi mat and enjoy

Dipping Sauce:
5 parts Mayo
1 part Wasabi – depending on how spicy you like it
small squeeze of lemon juice.


To see the complete Video Recipe Click on the Video Below:

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