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If your from the south, then chances are pretty good you have heard of Big Red Soda. I had a recent trip to Lockhart Texas and had a Big Red at Smitty’s. Since it’s so popular with BBQ I thought it would be interesting to see what it would taste like combining the Big Red with Pulled Pork to make Big Red Pulled Pork.

Big Red Soda

Texas Monthly wrote a nice article detailing out the history of Big Red… If you like to see it, CLICK HERE.
Big Red has big bold flavors and unlike anything I have had before. Its very sweet so if you like a sweet creamy soda this might be something you would like to try. You can find it locally and specialty soda shops. I picked up a couple of bottles from the soda shop in Boulder on Pearl. I do recommend that you get the bottles made with real Sugar and not the cans made with High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Recipe for Big Red Pulled Pork:

Rub the Pork Butt with a light coat of the Rub
Smoke the Pork over Hickory until internal temp of 165 is reached making sure the bark is set.
Wrap with about 8oz of Big Red drizzled over butt.
Place back in smoker until the butt feels like jello when you probe with your thermometer.
Remove Butt from smoker and pour off juices in pan into a cup. Separate the fat from juice and add any BBQ Sauce that you want to it and then pour over pulled pork.

To cut the Big Red Flavor with BBQ Sauce. I recommend Not using a sweet Sauce. You will want to avoid Sweet Baby Ray’s Type Sauce and use a KC Masterpiece or Bullseye type sauce in its place. If you want that Full Big Red Flavor for Big Red Pulled Pork then don’t add any BBQ sauce make the finishing sauce just like the way it was done in the video.

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