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BBQ Pulled pork Recipe using Big red Soda. In this video we combine the bold unique flavor of Big Red Soda with an easy Pulled Pork recipe to see how it would taste. We make sliders with a cole slaw and wash it down with Big Red Soda.

BBQ Pulled pork Recipe using Big red Soda


  •  Rub the Pork Butt with a light coat of the Rub.
  • Smoke the Pork over Hickory until internal temp of 165 is reached making sure the bark is set.
  • Wrap with about 8ozs of Big Red drizzled over Butt.
  • Place back in smoker until the butt feels like jello when you probe with your thermometer.
  • Remove Butt from smoker and pour off juices in pan into a cup. Separate the fat from juice and add any BBQ Sauce that you want to it and then pour over pulled pork.


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Click below to see video recipe on how to make Pulled Pork with Big Red Soda.

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