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As Denver’s BBQ of choice and Westminster’s catering experts, GQue could write all day about the world of BBQ. But when it comes to something as delicious as BBQ, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In this blog, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best videos about the best BBQ. Even if your don’t learn much from these tasty videos, you’ll get to spend time ogling over some of the best-looking BBQ in the business.

Walkin’ in Memphis

Memphis is a hotbed for great food, great music, and a unique brand of southern BBQ flair. Just take a look at this video of World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest, which showcases the best Memphis has to offer. This video gives you an inside look at the world of championship BBQ from the perspectives of competitors and lucky diners, and shows you exactly what happens when good food, good cooks, good people, and good weather come together for an amazing BBQ celebration. If you’re not hungry before you watch this video, you will be—especially after you see a steaming, sizzling pile of BBQ hot wings.

A Taste of Texas

Everything is big in Texas—including the waiting lines for world-class Texas BBQ. Even though Texas isn’t as highly regarded for BBQ as the Carolinas or Kansas City, Texas’ capitol city is home to Franklin Barbecue, an establishment that draws mile-long waiting lines starting at 4 o’clock… in the morning. (Got to get some BBQ before it’s gone!)

While Franklin Barbecue’s meat treats speak for themselves, the more compelling part of this story is the insane amount of hard work, time, and dedication that it takes to run one of the best BBQ restaurants on the planet. The life of BBQ pitmasters can be as 24-hour as the news cycle—but it’s worth it for those who are passionate about making great BBQ.

Sweet Home Alabama

“God gave us everything to BBQ—we don’t need to mess that up.”

These are the wise words of Van Sykes of Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q (The regional spelling and pronunciation of BBQ). Alabama is yet another underappreciated region for BBQ, and is sometimes not even considered BBQ by “purists” who can’t seem to acknowledge BBQ that isn’t drowning in a thick, red, ketchup-based BBQ sauce.

But what is more pure than a style of BBQ that skips the heavy sauce, and allows the flavor of the meat to shine through? This is the philosophy that is true to Alabama BBQ, and true to the pitmasters at Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q. Sauce is secondary down in Alabama, and it makes for a uniquely spectacular BBQ experience.

Cooking The Whole Hog

Anthony Bourdain is the gold standard of food and travel journalism—and when he’s not eating bugs in Myanmar or learning about the culinary trends of Lebanon, he occasionally gets to make a stop in the deep south for a reflective and poignant exploration of the birthplace of barbecue. In this video, Bourdain travels to South Carolina for a taste of good-old-fashioned BBQ—hold the mustard sauce, haul in a few pounds of white bread, and cook the whole hog (low and slow, of course).

Life of a Pitmaster

BBQ isn’t just a delicious summer meal—it’s a way of life. In this video, you’ll hear about the lifestyles of some of the best BBQ pitmasters on the planet, and what BBQ means to their communities, their families, and their happiness. Feeding the masses brings joy to the world’s greatest BBQers, but it comes at an exhausting price.

Denver’s Best BBQ

Denver usually doesn’t make it into conversations on cultural hotbeds for BBQ—until now. BBQ pitmaster Jason Ganahl of GQue BBQ has put Denver BBQ on the map with his award-winning championship BBQ, excellent service, and his new school, Colorado twist on BBQ favorites. But don’t just take our word for it—taste Denver’s best BBQ for yourself today!

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