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GQue BBQ is Westminster’s catering aficionado, giving you a refreshing take on catering that can set your next event apart from the sea of fast-casual Mexican food, soggy sandwiches, and overpriced “fancy” catering that somehow leaves you more hungry than you were before you ate.

We’re also here to save the world from dreaded “DIY” catering rigs—also referred to as “Dads who think they’re grillmasters.” Unless your dad happens to be GQue BBQ pitmaster Jason Ganahl, your dad’s inflated grilling ego combined with his lack of true culinary prowess can turn your summer barbecue into a true disaster in the form of tasteless meats, unsavory sides, and potential fire hazards.

From GQue to you, here is a short PSA to help you make safe, informed decisions when it comes to the success of your next summer barbecue.

Make the Right BBQ Choice

You can’t have a summer barbecue without barbecue—this is an inalienable fact of life. But not all summer barbecues are created equal, even if the summer weather is particularly summery.

There are two outcomes for a summer barbecue: The first is one fraught with overcooked burgers (a culinary crime punishable by law), hot dogs made of… made of…  meat or something, and store-bought potato salad that barely looks like potatoes or salad. It’s a “barbecue” meal that everyone dreads, and everyone is expecting—after all, haven’t you had this very meal 33 times before?

Is it really worth slaving away at the grill when the result will be an unimpressive culinary cliche? Wouldn’t you rather skip the grilling altogether and enjoy the party you worked so hard to plan?

The second outcome—a divine display of meats and sides—comes in the form of catering from GQue BBQ. Your summer barbecue guests may arrive to your shindig expecting the ordinary “barbecue” fare—but when they see a nearly endless array of award-winning pulled pork, saucy, sultry brisket, and massive heaps of mac & cheese, fries, beans, and apple slaw, they’ll be talking about your amazing summer barbecue all the way until your next amazing summer barbecue.

Instead of searing your eyebrows off at the grill, you’ll be sipping on a can of suds, enjoying the summer weather, and graciously (and humbly) accepting compliments about your knack for planning awesome summer parties—and presumably, how cool you are in general.

You have two choices, and the choice is yours. Check out our catering menu today.

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