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You’re looking for Westminster catering to spice up your next summer event. Maybe you’re planning an unforgettable backyard summer barbecue, or maybe you’re in charge of dining arrangements for an epic bachelor party. Whatever the case, you need catering that will impress your guests.

So what options do you have in the world of catering? No matter where you live, the catering landscape can be treacherous. Here’s a breakdown of the potential catering outcomes for your next shindig.

Sad Sandwiches

Not all sandwiches are sad—especially if they’re six ounces of juicy pulled pork on a brioche bun. But more often than not, the sandwiches you eat are a bit lackluster and predictable: white bread, cold cuts, deli mustard, and some lifeless lettuce. Sound familiar? That’s because you’ve had this exact same catered sandwich at every picnic, graduation party, office luncheon, and baseball game since you were five years old. This isn’t a sandwich to die for—it’s a sandwich to cry for.

The only thing worse than eating one of these sad sandwiches is being last in the sad sandwich line, rummaging through forsaken scraps of swiss cheese and iceberg lettuce in an attempt to fashion together a reasonable sandwich. Just when you’ve found three quarters of a tomato slice and a single drop of mayonnaise, you realize the only meat left is a tiny shred of turkey and an uncharacteristically jiggly slab of bologna. In times like these, you become just as sad as your sandwich.

Fast-casual “Mexican” Food

There’s nothing inherently wrong with fast-casual “Mexican” food; having some salsa and guac with rice and beans on the side is satisfying from time to time, and it certainly beats eating a sad sandwich. But does it really excite your taste buds?

Fast-casual “Mexican” food is less of a special occasion thing, and more of an “I’m desperately hungry on a Tuesday night and everything tasty is already closed” sort of thing. Bring this to your special event, and you won’t impress anyone.

“Fine” Dining

We understand the appeal of “fine” dining catering services—after all, they are the most common choice for weddings and other black tie events. Nothing looks better than eating a tiny plate of something French in your rental tuxedo like you’re in Her Majesty’s Secret Service. But when the fancy festivities are over, what happens next? If you’re like most people, you and your date will leave the party, unhinge the clip-on bowties and excessively heavy jewelry, and head straight for your favorite late-night fast food joint because you’ve been hungry since before the party started.

Do you really want to pay for expensive “fine” dining catering that doesn’t even satisfy the hunger of your guests? Or would you rather have your guests set sail through a sea of lavish meats, mac and cheese, pit-smoked beans, and beer-battered onion rings? Your guests shouldn’t just look like royalty—they should eat like royalty, too.

DIY Catering

Sometimes, you get a wild hair or an inflated ego that makes you think you can accomplish anything—and that’s just great for you, isn’t it? But if that wild hair leads you to think you can prepare food for a large group of people, think again. Unless you have experience cooking for large groups, or want to resort to a DIY Dad setup of hot dogs and burgers on the black Weber grill, something is bound to go wrong if you try to handle things yourself. Skip out on the stress and culinary mishaps, and leave it to the professionals.  

Championship BBQ

Barbecue. Beans. Brioche buns. Beers. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? That’s because there’s something poetic—something divine—about a good old fashioned barbecue feast. Instead of your guests picking through messy sandwich arrangements, they’ll be overwhelmed by pounds of saucy meats and sides. Instead of eating the same fast-casual they had yesterday, they’ll experience a BBQ spread they’ve never imagined before. Instead of yearning for late-night fast food, they’ll be so full, they’ll say things like “I don’t think I’m going to eat tomorrow” or “I think I’m too full to drive.” Now that’s the kind of catering that people will remember for a very long time.

Now that you know your options, it’s time to choose the right one—so choose the right one.

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