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The best way to experience Denver’s Best BBQ is to stop by GQue BBQ in Westminster. But if you’re stuck up in Fort Collins, down in Pueblo, or across the mountains in Grand Junction, we realize it might be awhile before you can make it into the Denver Metro area for some juicy pulled pork, delectable BBQ ribs, and to-die-for mac and cheese.

Fortunately, our YouTube channel has enough BBQ goodness to keep you and your stomach at bay until you make it to our restaurant! The GQue BBQ channel is packed full of excellent recipes and BBQ wisdom, so whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast or an aspiring grillmaster, there’s something on our channel for you.

Allow us to get you started with a few videos to send you down the YouTube rabbit hole:

Smoked Chicken Wings

Everyone loves chicken wings—they’re easy to eat, they can be sauced and seasoned in many different ways, and they’re always delicious and satisfying. GQue BBQ pitmaster Jason Ganahl gives you insider information on how to get those hot wings super crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and provides you with a few laughs along the way. Are you hungry yet?

Pairing BBQ and Wine

Pairing wine and BBQ? Have two greater things ever been put together in a sentence? We know—BBQ seems more like a food fit for ice cold beers. But the right wine pairing can truly bring your BBQ to life. Check out what GQue’s in-house sommelier has to say about perfect marriages between wines and meats. Are you hungry now? Because we are.

Unbelievable Ribs

Ahhhhhh… ribs. It’s delicious to say “ribs,” and even more delicious to eat them. It can be pretty difficult to master a BBQ rib recipe—but with easy, step-by-step instructions, and the wisdom of pitmaster Jason Ganahl, you’ll be able to make finger-licking ribs in the comfort of your own home.

We know you’re hungry now. Check out more of our videos.

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