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Easy Way to smoke Spare ribs is important for the new BBQ cook. Smoking Spare Ribs can be hard or Easy. In this video, I show the new backyard bbq cook the way to smoke spare ribs that will taste good. We will smoke ribs on Hickory and show you a good smoked Spare Rib Recipe. You can eliminate the wrapping process to make it even easier but I believe the wrap is easy even for a beginner and the taste you get by wrapped can not be matched without the wrap. Add whatever you like to the wrap that you think will taste good but still will keep it an easy way to smoke spare ribs.

It all starts with selecting the right rib

Select the best spare rib by picking a rack that does not have any shiners or large fat pockets. Pick a rack of spare ribs that has nice marbling. Coat with your favorite in this video we use GQue Rub. Then cook over Hickory wood at 275 degrees for 3.5 hours and the bark is set so that if you try to rub off with your finger it wont come off.

For wrapping the ribs we used Brown Sugar, Honey & Butter however use anything you like. Since we went sweet in our wrap we are going savory in our sauce. If you go savory in your wrap I recommend go sweet in your sauce. Let ribs cook until they get the doneness you like use a toothpick to check after about 20 minutes if you want them softer let them cook longer if they are just the way you like them sauce them with your favorite sauce and put back on the smoker for 10-15 minutes.

The Recipe for Easy Way to Smoke Spare Ribs

This process is the easiest way to smoker spare ribs while ensuring they taste good. Sure you can use more steps or less steps if you like but we think this is good for a beginner to get them going down the right path.

1 rack of spare ribs
GQue Rub

Cook for 3.5 hours at 275
wrap in foil with whatever you like – we used honey, brown sugar and butter in this particular video.
Cook in foil until they reach the doneness you like start checking after 20 minutes with toothpick.
Once they reach desired doneness apply sauce and add to smoker for 10-15 minutes then slice and serve.

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