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Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever

The Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever | GQue BBQ Recipes

Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever


Best Breakfast Sandwich I have ever tasted. This is also an awesome tailgate food. The bacon wrapped stuffed sausage on a biscuit with egg,cheese and green chile is bursting with flavor as you will learn how to stuff the sausage with breakfast potatoes, cheese and ham.

First I sautéed up the potatoes, with a little butter and Salt and Pepper. While the potatoes cooked I made the sausage by pressing it into a 1 gallon bag. I then placed the cooked potatoes,shredded cheese and deli ham and rolled it up in a roll. I placed the stuffed sausage in a bacon weave and sealed it shut.

I smoked the fatty for a little over 90 minutes on 275 or until the internal temp of the sausage was 165. I then let cool before I sliced.

If using for a tailgate, I recommend smoking the night before and searing off a slice when you fry the egg, the green chile and biscuits can be heated in the grill/pit. This is an awesome treat for an early kickoff game.

I then assemble the best breakfast sandwich ever by taking a slice of the fatty and topping it with a slice of cheese a fried egg and some green chile. I use a biscuit and also offers a suggestion to try country gravy

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