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3rd Overall out of 34 at Canon City Barbecue Competition

Back from the Canon City Barbecue Competition and here is a quick recap:

I had trouble getting set up – after a little longer than usual to get in a spot I had a hard time leveling the trailer but with the help of the BBQ family they – not me – were able to get the trailer even. Tip of the cap to Mike Hays and Lon Mitchel. The venue was a new one and other than the getting set up the contest was well organized. I was a little anxious setting up next to the Giant beer truck but the attendees did not get out of control as the band was one that played music from 2 decades before I was born and I don’t recall even seeing anyone dancing.

As far as the cook went – I tried some new stuff with Chicken and was happy with the results – I’m glad the judges agreed and we got a nice call of 3rd in a field of 34. My ribs still are not where I want them to be, I am trying something new next week as well with them. This week the ribs came out good but not great and was happy with the 8th place finish. The pork which has been one of my most consistent categories this year finished too early. I knew it wasn’t my best and thought is deserved what it got which was the 10th place call. All year long the pork has been finishing a little to early for my liking. Next week I’m going to start it a little later, that should do the trick as I like the pork to come off around the same time the brisket does rather than 90 minutes before. The brisket was solid and glad to get the 2nd place call.

This weekend belonged to 2 guys, the rest of us were all competing for 3rd. Rarely do you have someone win 2 categories, this weekend Johnny Trigg opened up the contest taking down the first two categories Chicken and Ribs – Then David Qualls followed suit winning category 3 and 4 pork and Brisket – David was 1 appearance score of notching a perfect score of 180. Johnny remarkably took 2nd in Pork and 3rd in Brisket and left no doubt as to who the GC was. Johnny has had a nice run in Canon winning grand twice and taking a reserve once in the last 3 years. We should go ahead and put his name on the trophy for next year as Johnny Trigg is certainly the BBQ mayor of Canyon City and I couldn’t be happier for him. Johnny also earned a 700 which may not happen again this year at any RMBBQA event. Way to go Johnny and Trish!

We will be heading back out to Pueblo for next weekend’s contest on the Historic Arkansas River Walk – Pueblo was the first contest I did 4 years ago so it holds a sentimental spot to me – I will try to get a preview up before we take off.

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