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Stuffed Pork Loins are a great way to combine the smokey flavor of pork with whatever you want to stuff it with. In this video we take the Cuban flavors of Southern Florida and make a Cubano Stuffed Pork Loin. My goof friend Chris Gentry from Gentry’s BBQ is on the video to show you how its done.

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Light some coals and start heating a smoker to 300-325 degrees.

While the smoker is heating, make three cuts down the entire length of the loin and about halfway deep. Turn it over and remove the silver skin and any fatty tissue. Cover with plastic wrap and pound the meat flat.

Season the inside of the pork with Smoke Stack BBQ Rub and coat with a thin layer of Cakalacki Gold Mustard Sauce. Lay down half the Swiss cheese in a line down the middle of the loin. Top the cheese with a half of the deli ham and season with Ham Bone BBQ Seasoning. On top of the deli ham, add a layer of sliced dill pickles. Repeat another layer of Swiss cheese and seasoned deli ham.

Roll the loin to form a log, then wrap it tightly with twine. Season the outside with more Smoke Stack BBQ Rub.

Add the entire roll to the smoker and cook for 60-70 minutes, until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees. Remove twine, slice, and drizzle with more mustard sauce to serve.

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