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 Colorado Rockies BBQ Invitational

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to get an invite to the Colorado Rockies BBQ Invitational to compete against 19 of the top BBQ teams from around the country for the 3rd Largest purse of any BBQ contest this year. We were lucky enough that the judges liked our food Saturday and was able to walk away with Grand Champion and close to $12,000. It is by far my most memorable win of my BBQ career.

The Denver Post Covered the event and you can read about it here.

Colorado asserted cooking dominance this weekend, when one local barbecue team took the grand prize and two other in-state teams finished in the top 10 at the inaugural Colorado Rockies Invitational BBQ Championship.

Superior-based GQue, helmed by cook Jason Ganahl, nabbed the grand championship, scoring more than 700 points and winning nearly $12,000 for their meat turn-ins.

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