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Laramie WY BBQ Competition

Celtic Pig wins Grand!


I always have enjoyed the Laramie WY BBQ Competition. Its a quick 2 and a half hour drive with pretty views on both sides. Plus the breakfast burrito always hits the spot. I got DQ’d from from this contest 2 years ago for having an ingredient that was larger than 3/8 of an inch. I didn’t even know that was a rule until that day. I have never done great in Laramie so my expectations were tempered.

I was happy with all my turn-ins. I thought my ribs were a little tougher than I usually like them and my chicken appearance was off from what it usually looks like but other than that everything was good and I’m glad the judges agreed. I tried a new chicken technique that I was really pleased with how juicy the chicken was. Our Chicken finished 7th. Our ribs other than the tightness of them were on point as far as taste and finished 9th. Our pork was solid and tied for 2nd but we lost the tie breaker and our brisket was solid as well and came up just short of the first place winner finishing in 2nd.

One of my favorite things in all of competition BBQ is to be able to watch and share in the excitement of a team winning their first Grand Championship. Saturday was great as I got to see John from Celtic Pig win is first GC in front of many of his friends and family. What a great moment for him and his family! John has been going at it hard for a few years and it was nice to see his hard work come to fruition.

This upcoming week I will be competing one of the most decorated contests of the year. Its 20 teams – several of them make up the most respected teams in all of Competition BBQ. Its also here in Denver at Coors field. Sponsored by the Rockies the $45,000 contest will feature all the big names in BBQ. What’s unique about this contest is each team will have pork available for the public to sample.

We should have 2 announcements for 2 new classes this week a rib class and a Grilling class – I also hope to have a new webisode out as well.

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