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Ice Bucket Challenge

By July 12, 2014No Comments

We Got called out by Vince from Rhythm and Que to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The Ice bucket challenge requires you to dump a bucket of ice water on you and donate $10 to a charity of your choice or skip dumping of water and just pony up $100 instead of $10.


We decided to donate to the Corliss Johnson Memorial Foundation – The Foundation as described from their site –The Corliss Johnson Memorial Foundation was established in 2004 in loving memory of Corliss Johnson and her courageous fight against cancer. Our small foundation is trying to make a big difference in winning the war against cancer. We hope you will join us in our fight. The Corliss Johnson Memorial Foundation will always be a testament to the will and legacy of the woman who lost her hard fought battle with cancer. 

To learn more about the foundation please visit it:

Cancer took my Grandpa and my uncle is currently diagnosed with Melanoma. We thought the Corliss Memorial Foundation which does good things in the fight against cancer would be a suitable place to make our donation. I decided to make the $100 donation as a token of good faith as my uncle under goes treatment. Cancer also just took my wife’s uncle. We don’t want to see it take any more of our loved ones lost.

After the challenge I got a chance to call out Chuck Marting of Bossman BBQ. Chuck was eager to see my video so now I am eager to see his! Enjoy Chuck! The water feels GREAT!



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