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Competition BBQ

Did you get your bung pulled today? Several lucky BBQ teams did!

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Its official – Jack Daniels World BBQ Championship has announced the participants for 2011. For those of you unfamiliar with how teams are chosen to compete – The contest recognized as “The Jack” has a tradition of creating a Bung  – Which is a stopper for a barrel of whiskey I believe – With each teams name that won a qualifying contest. A qualifying  contest is one with at least 25 teams or a first year contest that has 15 teams. In order to earn a bung you must win the contest, then the officials from the Jack pull 1 bung from each state of qualifiers – There is also an automatic qualifier for folks that win national contests, overseas contests or have 7 qualifying wins over the year. So without further adieu I present to you all the teams that had their bung pulled today – oh happy day! Congrats to all those that made it!

The Draw:

Big Creek BBQ
Redneck Grillers
Sweet Peppers
Master of Disaster
Flyboy BBQ
Big Papa’s Country Kitchen
Barbeque Crew
Tippy Canoe BBQ Crew
Team Dude
Squealers Award Winning Barbeque
Buffalo’s BBQ
The Long Dawgs
Bigbear BBQ
Fatback Joe’s BBQ
Jacks Old South
Feeding Friendz
Motley Que Crew
Lucky’s Q
4 Smokin’ Butts
Kinney’s Kountry Kookers
Two Old Men and a Grill
Hot Grill on Grill Action
Fat Angel BBQ
Mr. BoBos Traveling BBQ All Stars!
Saucehound BBQ
Butcher BBQ
Smokey’s Bar-B-Que
Chix, Swine & Bovine BBQ
Fat Backs BBQ and Rib Shack
Swiggin’ Pig
The Drunken Brisket
R and R BBQ Team
Degüello BBQ
Wine Country “Q”
Burnin Bob’s Butts N Bones
Wild Bunch Butt Burners
Hog Tide Bar-B-Que
Whiskey Ranch BBQ
Smoke On Wheels
Warren County Pork Choppers
Shiggin & Grinnin
2 Worthless Nuts
Fat Dad’s Barbeque
PA Midnite Smokers
B. S. Pitmeisters
Gerrit Boys Barbeque
2 fat bikers bbq
Here Piggy Piggy BBQ

Automatic Qualifiers:

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
Texas Pepper Jelly
Lotta Bull BBQ
Southern Exposure
Munchin Hog’s @ the Hilton
Up in Smoke
I Smell Smoke!!!
Black Cat BBQ
Rhythm ‘n QUE
Pork Barrel BBQ
Piggy D’s BBQ
Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ
Smoked To The Bone
Mad Dawgz BBQ
Lakeside Smokers
Hambones by the Fire


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