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Health Benefits of Beer – Too Good To Be True

By January 26, 2012No Comments


It’s no secret – I love beer. I am reminded of Forest Gump’s friend Bubba who loves shrimp and they have that scene in the movie where he rattles off all the ways you can eat shrimp…. Shramp cocktail, shramp skampy, shramp sammich – beer is as versatile as shrimp… Instead I hear lager beer, pale ale beer, IPA beer and so on and so on. With the explosion of so many new craft breweries and living in what is known as the napa valley for beer, I am fortunate to get to try different types of beer – I have tried about every type of liquor and while I have my favorites…vodka,whiskey,scotch,wine. I always come back to Beer – A TALL and COLD glass of beer is as good as it gets – Heck I even like Non-Alcoholic beer.

I came across this article the other day that has scientific data on the health benefits of beer. Prior to the article I had to rely on Cliff Claven’s rendition of why beer is good for you, it always made sense to me problem with that is there was no science to support his rational position on why drinking beer makes you smarter – Until now.

Click to discover 10 scientifically proven reasons why drinking beer can be healthy.

“…the key to tapping into beer’s benefits is moderation, meaning just one 12-ounce beer per day for women and two for men. Heavy drinking ups the threat of liver damage, some cancers, and heart problems. Bingeing on brewskis can also make you fat, since a 12-ounce regular beer has about 150 calories, while light beer has about 100.”






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