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Whole Hog Pitmasters Documentary

By March 14, 2012No Comments

My Friend Kevin Feit from Swinestone Cowboys sent me this documentary on the Whole Hog Pitmasters in Lexington TN.

The documentary made by Joe York takes you inside the town where all they smoke is Whole Hogs….that’s it, nothing else.

This video is not a how-to video rather it shows you from the butchers, the cooks, the meat distributors what is so special about whole hogs and the men that cook them – It profiles the folks that make it happen and is another great example of why I think BBQ people are some of the most interesting people I encounter… From BE Scott who found his pitmaster after taking him in when he was thrown out of his house at 16 to the guy that went to the hospital because he had inhaled too much hickory smoke and needed oxygen, it’s story after story of those that get ‘er done…….

Well Done Joe – I look forward to seeing more of your work.


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