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Hickory Smoked Breakfast Fatty Recipe

Hickory Smoked Breakfast Fatty Recipe


Yesterday I went to the store to get what I needed to make a breakfast fatty. I stop into Rock Creek Sports bar which is next door to safeway as I usually do for a quick beer before I go shopping. I get the usual what are you up to today question as Paul serves me a glass of Stella. I told him I was going to smoke a fatty and enjoy the afternoon….4 people turn around and say…Right on dude and nodded their heads….it took a second but then it occurred to me that they thought I was talking about a doobey…..I should know by now that when folks in boulder county hear “Fatty” they think of Marijuana where as when I hear Fatty my palms start sweating and my mouth waters as I think about what to stuff it with.  We all laughed when I explained what I was actually doing. Here is my Breakfast Fatty – This served with a Fried egg and some Green Chili on a homemade biscuit is as about as good as it gets in my opinion for a breakfast sandwich.

Hickory Smoked Breakfast Fatty Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Maple Sausage Stuffed with Cheddar Cheese, Breakfast Potatoes, Poblano Peppers, Onions and Garlic

2 Packages of your favorite bacon
2 1lb Packages of your favorite Susage
Package of your favorite sliced cheese
5 Cubed Potatoes
1 Onion
1 Poblano Pepper or Pepper of your Choice – I also used a red bell
3 Garlic Cloves
Your Favorite Rub
Your Favorite Green Chili
1 Egg
1 Biscuit

PREP TIME: 30 Minutes
COOK TIME: 1.5 Hours

– Made Potatoes by Browning cubed potatoes in vegetable oil with garlic and onion and pepper – generously apply rub to potatoes as they brown – 12-15 minutes
– Create bacon weave, Add layer of sausage by putting into 1 gallon bag and pressing flat then cut bag to remove sausage – season sausage with favorite rub – then apply layer of sliced cheese.
– After Potatoes have cooled add potatoes and roll up into a “Fatty” be sure to close off ends and get a good seal on bottom

IMG_1253-1024x682-Smoke Fatty with Hickory at 250 until internal sausage temp is 165 should take around 1.5 hours
-Cool your fatty overnight in the fridge – It will slice much better when cold – Take slices and sear the sides in a pan while you fry an egg
-Take the seared fatty slice put on a biscuit with your favorite green chili or maple syrup and fried egg and enjoy