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We are back from an extended stay weekend in Frisco for the Frisco Barbecue Competition. Usually I get home on Saturday night this weekend we shared a condo with 3 lil Macs and got home on Sunday. It was a great weekend with 55 teams competing. Grand Champion Honors went to last years KCBS champs Truebud. Truebud won 2 categories including 2 180’s making them the 5th consecutive team to win 2 categories at an RMBBQA cup event – That is a crazy stat to me. It looks as if the judging is a little higher this year in RMBBQA as Truebud came within a half point of a 700. We have had 1 700 and 2 699’s in the last 3 contests for cup events where in the past a 685 would usually be good enough for a GC. 3 Lil Macs has to make some room on their trophy table for their RGC trophy while getting calls in all four categories. This was a well deserved win for Ryan as he has been working hard to get back to his winning ways.

We finished 55th out of 55 teams having been late with our Brisket by 5 seconds. The distractions got to me sadly as the brisket was done and ready. Its a mistake I hope to never make a again. Nice to get pork back on track with a 3rd place finish. Our ribs finished 13th but were 3rd on the table. Ribs have been our Achilles heel all year and I am going to be trying something different with them next week in Fairplay. Our chicken was good and finished 1st on the table but 29th overall. Everyone from time to time has to take their turn hitting the “cold” table and we did this week. Be that as it may it was welcomed as it made me feel better about missing the brisket turn in.  KCBS is by far the best sanctioning body out there in my opinion and with the resources and technology available it is disappointing to see the society not acting to balance tables by judges average score. They made an advancement with better reporting last year which is appreciated but there is still work to do to solidify the process so that every team has a shot at a contest not just those that avoid the cold tables and equally as important those that hit the “hot” tables.

Next week we will be in Fairplay. I love the city of Southpark and look forward to visiting again this weekend.

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