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frisco comp

Ok – I have fifteen minutes to write this so pardon my brevity, lack of research and grammar. This weekend The RMBBQA cup Frisco BBQ Competition gets its first contest with altitude as 65ish teams will head to Frisco CO and compete around 9,000 feet above sea level – The overnight lows are calling for low 30s BRRRRR!

This weekend will  be special to me as we have all kinds of things going on. I usually cook by myself and if I’m fortunate Kenny “the anchor” Crochet is there to help. Not only is Kenny coming but so is my wife, kids and father in law. I will also have a couple of guys that won an auction item to hang out for a comp weekend as well. I also know of 10ish people who emailed me to see if I was going to be in Frisco this year to see if they can stop by. I also have a new team that will make their debut next week that are in the RMBBQA mentoring program that will be around and as if that is not enough AOL has asked to come by and film us for a story they are running on the contest and the icing on the cake is I had an old WWE superstar that goes to this comp every year who is friends with my neighbor. We moved about a year ago and when he learned of my hobby and that  I was competing he was going to come up and bring the wrastler! Unfortunately the wrastler is not going to make it to Frisco..Bummer! So if I can not get to sidetracked, me and the anchor are looking to improve 1 spot from our reserve grand from last year.

Other teams to keep an eye out for include last years champ Flyboy. Last weeks RGC 4 legs up from Pueblo will be here as will Johnny Trigg,  2 weeks removed from his 704 in Canon. Also Trigg won Frisco 2 years ago so you gotta keep an eye on him. Last years Team of the year in KCBS Truebud will be here as well as well as 60 other teams trying to win Colorado’s largest BBQ comp of they year. I have my cooler stocked FULL of adult beverages including a brand new bottle of Basil Haydens – I am also looking forward to my first Pig Floyd pain eraser of the year – Safe Travels Everyone – Lets do this!


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