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Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour sends first round of teams on to Bentonville

By April 26, 2013No Comments

Sam's Club National BBQ Tour…GQue made claims to the Region 4 Reserve Grand Champion title.

“It’s kind of surreal,” said Jason Ganahl, pitmaster for GQue. “Some guys expect to do well and some just hope to do well. We just hoped to do well!” And “well” was exactly how the team performed in Las Vegas.

Aiding in their Reserve Grand win, GQue received the first place call for both Chicken and Ribs. Ganahl notes that Ribs have been the team’s strongest category so far this season.

“I’m spending more time picking out better quality ribs,” said Ganahl. “I’m looking at better marbling, wanting as much fat as I can possibly get.”

What’s the secret to doing well in the Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour? Ganahl adds there’s an element of just being fortunate.

“Worry about controlling things you can control, and don’t worry about the things you can’t,” said Ganahl. “You can’t control what the judges will like or dislike, but you can control how you cook and prepare your turn-ins.” Echoing that thought, Michael Eckert stated that come competition time, you’re only competing against yourself.

Looking forward to the Sam’s final this October, both Tombstone BBQ and GQue plan on competing in several more competitions to stay in shape.

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