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How did you come up with the name Clark Crew?

Well if your ever around our team usually all 4 kids and the wife are along so we really are a Crew…So Clark Crew BBQ just seemed right.

Any other names you were considering?

Yeah I was thinking about Big T’s BBQ but that was to close to Ryan Newstrom and Big T’z that it didn’t seem right to use it.

Who is all on your team?

We are a family team, we have my wife Kimberly, my daughters Jennifer, Madison, Brooklyn and the real deal behind it all my son Cooper “Coopdog”

What do you like to do when you’re not BBQ’n?

Well this year if we were not out competing I was was working at my real job as an Electrician, but when I do have time I like to sit on my butt and watch football!

Tell us a little about your equipment what kind of smoker do you use?

I cook on a Enclosed Jambo that I got from my buddy Wade Reeder. Really enjoy cooking on it but I have also been playing with my BPS Drum and may be doing a little on it this next year.

What is your favorite “gadget” item you like to use when BBQing?

Well I would say my BBQ Buttula, and my Thermapen

What BBQ accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

Wow, that’s a tough one I would have to say taking RGC at the 2013 American Royal Open, Competing at the Colorado Rockies Contest, making it to Sams Club Nationals and getting in the top 25 in KCBS in 4 categories, then being picked to compete at the King of the Smoker this year to help raise money for the Casey Lee Ball Foundation has made this a dream come true season.

What BBQ contest is your favorite and why?

Well I am sure it will be the King of the Smoker after we have done it this year, but as far as comps we have done The Buffalo Run contest in Miami, Ok that David Qualls put on is my favorite by far. It is a must do contest because they really care about the teams and it is a well run event and loaded with teams from all over.
Did you have any BBQ goals for 2014, if so what are they? We wanted to get in the top 25 in KCBS, Win the OKBS TOY and to cook the King of the Smoker and we accomplished them all.

Who or what has influenced how you BBQ the most and how have they influenced you specifically?

Rod Gray with Pellet Envy, I took his class 2 years ago and that is what really got us going, now I have helped at several of his classes and still continue to learn from him. I use the same type of flavor profile and try to use a similar cooking technique as him. Then all of my friends that I have met like yourself, Wade Reeder (Theres No Place Like Smoke), Rod Gray (Pellet Envy), David Qualls (American Dream BBQ Team), David Bouska (Butcher BBQ), Darian Khosravi (Kosmos Q), Sterling Ball (Big Poppa Smokers), Stephan Franklin (Simply Marvelous), Tommy Houston (Checkered Pig), JP (JP Custom Smoke), Merle Grauer (Whiskey Pit), Kent Boatright (Uncle BC’s) all these guys have become great friends and have gave encouragement and bits of advice that have helped make us a better team




What is one thing you learned through the school of hard knocks that wish you knew when you first got started?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions from experienced teams, most of the teams I know now really want to help grow the art of competition bbq and enjoy helping other teams especially beginners. Save yourself some headaches and growing pains…ask for help and take a class!

If you could only BBQ or eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

My favorite thing to BBQ is Beef Brisket. It was our worst category by far this year but I enjoy cooking it.

What is your Favorite Non BBQ restaurant and what do you like to get there?

That is an easy one Kate’s in Dodge City, Ks best Tacos in the world and a big schooner of Ice Cold Beer to go with it!

Wildcard is there anything you would like the readers to know about you, your team or BBQ in general that was not asked?

We will be back at it and doing more comps for 2015. We owe our success in 2014 to our Sponsors, EAT BBQ, Simply Marvelous, Big Poppa Smokers and Kosmo’s Q and our 2015 sponsors Kansas city BBQ store and thank you everyone for your support, thanks for the opportunity to go in the tent Jason!!!

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