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Duck Recipe:

Celebrate the National Championship game with some Bacon Wrapped Duck and some Buckeyes! This recipe is VERY easy.

Cube Duck
Slice Bacon Strips into thirds
Wrap Cubes
Season Duck and Bacon with your favorite rub
Cook at 350 for 35 minutes
Mix 1 cup of non sweet bbq sauce with 1/4 cup of pineapple preserves
heat sauce for 10 minutes
dunk duck in sauce and cook for 10 more minutes
serve with pineapple tidbit and toothpick


This recipe is the Oregon Ducks Recipe for your NCAA Championship game party. For the Ohio St. Buckeye Recipe for My Friend on youtube Amy has created a buckeye which is a chocolate covered peanut butter round ball – It is Absolutely Delicious! To see her video recipe of the buckeye you can watch it below:

The combination of my Bacon Wrapped Duck and Amy’s Buckeyes will make sure your NCAA Championship party will be a touchdown.

I am predicting a Oregon Duck Win and the finally get their first ever national Championship. Marcus Mariota in his swan song brings the title back to Eugene. Before you go running to the catch the next flight to Vegas to place a bet I have been wrong before.

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