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In this video I will teach you the BEST way to make a Flank Steak with a delicious Flank Steak Recipe which includes a Teriyaki Glaze – I will also use a dry brine and multiple flip method to ensure medium rareness.

To Dry Brine I recommend using Kosher Salt and placing enough in a bowl and smashing it with a spoon till you get a fine grind this will help with absorption. Do not use Sea Salt for the Dry Brine – I am a huge fan of sea salt but it does not work for the brine as well as Kosher does.

It is important to get a full medium rare bumper to bumper and not a just a thin streak going down the middle. In order to do so you need to constantly flip the steaks so that they don’t cook to much on one side you want it to subtle cook towards the interior so that you can ensure a Full Medium rare throughout the entire cut of meat.

I used soy bay Teriyaki for the teriyaki Glaze. Sure you can make your own but when there is teriyaki available in the store that tastes as good as Soy Vay does then I am happy to use it and save time not having to make a sauce that I can just by commercially.

The steak is done when it hits in internal temp of 130 as it will carryover cook slight and will come out a perfect medium rare as you can see in the video.

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