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Prime Ribeye Cap is arguably the tastiest part of a cow. Costco has been selling it lately. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you have never had it before. It is marbled with all kinds of fat that will render out if you follow the cooking process below.

What is Prime Ribeye Cap?

The adjective Prime means you are getting meat that has been graded by the USDA. Prime is usually about the top 3% of all cattle in America its based on the fat content or marbling of the cow. The Ribeye Cap meat is the part that is around the ribeye cut roast next to the ribs. Essentially its the best part of the ribeye steak. What Costco did is trim off the part near the arrow and tie together with butchers twine the cut so that it looks like a normal steak. In the video its about an inch and a half thick. You can learn more about a ribeye cap by clicking here.


Prime Ribeye Cap Steak
Kosher Salt
Freshly Ground Pepper
Baby Bella Mushrooms
Yellow Onion
Canola Oil

Season Ribeye Cap Steak with Kosher Salt 1 hour before you put on to smoker at 250 degrees. Smoke over Hickory wood until internal temp of 115.
Finish by Searing off on a Very Hot Pan until you develop nice crust. Ribeye Cap should not reach a temp of over 130 degrees. Once 130 is reached remove from heat and slice

For onions and Mushrooms sauté off in a pan of 2oz butter and 2oz of canola oil until softened and browned.

You can place a pat of butter on the cooked steak and allow it to melt to create a decadent rich layer of flavor that will enhance the natural song beef flavor of a prime graded cut of beef.

To Watch how this is all done – Watch the video recipe Below!


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