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The usual complaint about the Pueblo Barbecue Competition every year is the heat – This year folks had to find something else to complain about as other than a drizzle here or there the weather was outstanding. We also had a new team take the plunge. Hats off to Got Smoke from Salt Lake City UT who earned the right to skip their shower by jumping in the river by consistently scoring in all four categories. Got Smoke took 5th in both Chicken and Ribs, took 6th in Pork and took 3rd in Brisket that was good enough for the GC. Kelly Wertz from 4 legs up was hoping he was the one that would get to put 2 legs up in the Arkansas River but it wasn’t meant to be. He had a great day winning pork, taking 6th in Brisket and 4th in Ribs and earned the Reserve GC.

Kenny’s friend Mark from Australia was with us this weekend. His previous experience with American BBQ was Rudy’s the Springs. He was quick with the wit and fit right in as he had no problem keeping up with “the anchor” and I with on the hour shots. We had a good cook and won 3 out of 4 tables Chicken took 2nd on the table – We got calls in all four categories they just were not high enough we finished 8th in Chicken, 7th in Ribs, 9th in Pork and 4th in Brisket. After stringing a few weeks of top 3 pork our pork has now fallen back to 10th and 9th in the last 2 weeks – I think I know why and will not make the same mistake next week. We tried something new in ribs and were happy with the results.

Burnin’ Bob won chicken, he is probably the only guy that does not get nervous when he doesn’t here his name called in the 2-10 spots for Chicken as he is consistently right up there every contest in Chicken. Smoking Hot Butts finally got the call he was looking for in ribs and won the category. As noted above 4 legs up won the pork category. Brett wasn’t done with his big wins as he took down brisket as well – That last 4 contests we have had the same team win multiple categories. If that is going to be a trend to continue then eegads its going to be a tough year!

I was fortunate to get a great shot of Will and Amy taking their victory plunge – Big Congrats! – For Full Results click here!

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