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Good Eats!!

Good Eats!!

I have another Awesome Snack for your next tailgate or football party. Today I’ll show you a Bacon Wrapped Pretzel & Craft Beer Cheese Dip

Take thin cut bacon and wrap around a pretzel rod. Dust both sides of the bacon with your favorite BBQ rub before wrapping around Pretzel. Bake or smoke at 325 until bacon is cooked start checking after 12 minutes.

For the Beer Cheese dip:
8oz cream cheese
1lb of Pepper Jack Cheese
1 Beer – Use something light and refreshing – not anything dark and heavy.

Simmer Beer then add cream cheese and shredded Pepper Jack Cheese Whisk and cook until all ingredients are the consistency you like.

Bacon Wrapped Pretzels will be soft when coming out of the oven – Give them about 7 minutes to firm back up before eating.

To learn more about cookshack smokers check out the link:

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