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If you’re looking for an easy Brisket Recipe then look no further as in this video I show you how to smoke a brisket on a Drum Smoker. What is going to make this easy is because we will not be trimming, injecting or wrapping the brisket. The brisket will also only take around 5 or some hours to cook. We will even show you how to make burnt ends. All we will be doing is seasoning, smoking then slicing and it will be done in 5 hours. Sure there may be better ways to smoke a brisket but if you’re looking for the easiest way, if this is not it then I sure would like to see how it’s done.


The drum smoker I used in the video is manufactured by gateway drum smokers – Check them out by going to their website by clicking HERE – These smokers are cook meet much faster than a traditional offset or even a pellet smoker. Follow the cook temperatures and how to fill the basket and start a fire and even adjust valves and you can be making the easiest brisket you have ever made in no time.


How to Smoke a Brisket On a Drum Smoker

First start by selecting a whole packer brisket that has both the flatland the point in tact as we will make burnt ends out of the point meat.

Bring drum smoker to Temperature by lighting a full basket of charcoal and a couple of strips of Hickory Wood. Place brisket that has been seasoned with your favorite Rub in Smoker and let it cook until it has just the right feel. Remove brisket from smoker and separate point from the flat if you can do it with just your fingers then you know you cooked it right. Place the flat in foil and set aside while you make burnt ends. To make Burnet ends cube up the point and season with rub and place back in smoker after 20 minutes apply favorite BBQ sauce and let cook for 10 minutes for sauce to set up.
Once done slice flat against grain and pour juices that formed in foil over the slices and enjoy.

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Click below to see video recipe on how to smoke a Brisket on a drum smoker.




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