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Pub Cheeseburger can mean different things to different people. To me when I think of a pub, I think of Beer & Cheese. So we thought we would call this beer cheese burger the pub cheeseburger. The beer cheese was leftover from out BBQ nachos video. We had a couple of requests to make a burger out of of the leftover Beer Cheese so we sliced it up and assembled a bacon burger with the typical burger toppings and put it on a pretzel bun.

The Ingredients

For the Craft Beer Cheese Sauce

20 oz grated cheese of your choice
8 oz cream cheese
12 oz beer
3-4 oz GQue The Rub

For the Burger

6 oz 70/30 patty Chuck/Brisket grind
2-3 slices thick cut bacon
Pretzel buns
Your favorite burger toppings


For the Craft Beer Cheese Sauce

Mix the grated cheese, cream cheese, beer, and The Rub in a pot. Heat and whisk until the sauce reaches an even consistency. Let it cool until no longer hot, then place in the refrigerator until it solidifies.

For the Burger

Cook the bacon on your Ballistic Giddle until about 75% of the way done. Season with The Rub, then move to the grates to finish cooking.

Add the burger patties to the Ballistic Griddle and let them cook in the leftover bacon grease. When they’re about 90% done, add thick slices of your craft beer cheese to the top, splash a small amount of water in the griddle to create a steamy environment, and cover with a small pot.

As the cheese melts, toast your buns in the bacon grease.

Once finished, assemble your burger with all of your favorite toppings – we used green leaf lettuce, tomato, pickles, pickled onions, and onion rings in our video.

See how we did it below.

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