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BBQ Brisket Nachos are about the best game day or tailgate food you can find and they’re a great use for leftover brisket. What I like about it is you can make a big ol’ heaping plate of them and folks can just help themselves. Rarely do you find someone that does not like nachos, as long as you stick with just the essentials.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a beer cheese sauce using local craft beer. This cheese sauce is not only good on the nachos, but anything else you would use a cheese sauce on. The first thing that comes to my mind is pretzels. The other thing that I think that takes these BBQ Brisket nachos over the top is the roasted jalapeños.


16 oz of Mexican blend grated cheese
8 oz of cream cheese
12 oz of beer
2 oz of The Rub

Combine all ingredients and cook over medium high heat until all cheese is melted and homogeneous

To bring Brisket back up make a wake up sauce of 50% water and 50% BBQ sauce. I am using GQue BBQ Hottish and put on grill over medium heat until it is warm. Be very careful not to cook the brisket or you risk drying it out.

Build your nachos as you like ’em. In this video we used roasted jalapeños that we roasted on the grill and pickled red onions, sour cream, and that is all. Nice and simple, but full of flavor.

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