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GQue BBQ’s Denver BBQ recipes are here to help you improve your BBQ skills. Check out our blog for more recipes!

This is the best technique for Smoked Chicken Wings – By smoking first then flash frying we get the best of both worlds in both flavor and texture. This is the best way to make Smoked Chicken Wings.


Season one side of the wing with a high salt rub flip over and season other side – place in Refrigerator for 1 hour.

I like chicken wings to be on the bigger side. I like wings that take about 7-9 pieces to make a pound. I look for chicken that does not have oxidized yellow skin and lots of fat on them.

Put in smoker for 30-40 minutes at 275 – once rub has set on the exposed side flip over and re-rub what was the underside of the wing. Smoke until internal temp is 165 and the rub has set.

Flash Fry for 1 minute in 350 peanut oil just to crisp up the skin – Then toss wings in your favorite sauce – I like to save a couple and eat them naked…no not me the wings 😉

These Smoked Chicken wings are ALWAYS a hit. By smoking them first you get that great smoke flavor you can’t get by frying only or cooking in the oven and then flash frying them at the end you get that crunchy fried chicken texture that makes chicken wings so good.  Once you have wings this way you will never go back to just smoking them or just frying them.

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