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Smoked Prime Rib is a perfect way to set the tone at the table for the holiday season. Prime rib is probably the most common item on most carnivores’ dinner table during Christmas dinner. In the video below we will teach you a very simple technique, that when followed you can create a perfect Medium Rare Prime Rib from end to end.

Selecting the best Prime Rib available will help you serve your family the best Prime Rib they have ever had. To do this you must understand the grading process that is used by the United States Department of Agriculture. The grade meat into one of 3 categories – Prime, Choice or Select.

Prime is what I recommend its more expensive but hey the Holidays only come once a year. We only serve Prime USDA brisket at GQue BBQ and pride ourselves in selecting the best meat we can get our hands on while keeping our prices as affordable as possible. Roughly 3% of cattle in America earn a prime rating so it’s not always readily available. You have to search around to find places that serve USDA Prime Beef. To make matters worse most places will call Choice Ribeye Roasts Prime. Be sure to ask your meat man if its Prime graded beef or check the label.

To have a Smoked Prime Rib you must also use wood to add that extra flavor. We recommend Hickory. We also recommend cooking the Prime rib to an internal temperature of 130 in the center of the Roast. You can Rest your fully cooked Smoked Prime Rib for no more than a couple of minutes. I believe there is no benefit to resting meat after reading this article

Sauce for Smoked Prime Rib

Jared one of our employees will walk you through a Whiskey Peppercorn sauce that he thinks pairs nicely with the decadence of a properly smoked prime rib. After tasting it I would agree. To watch the video click below. Thanks for watching!

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