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The Pickled Red Onions recipe that I show you in the video below can be altered based on your preferences. Use the recipe as a guideline. Pickling is an excellent way to make use of the leftover onion you don’t use when creating slices for hamburgers or any other item where you would normally throw away the unused onion.

Uses for Pickled Red Onions

I will be the first to admit I am not a big fan of raw red onions. In fact, I find them to be overpowering. I do enjoy cooked onions, the cooking process to me takes away that strong onion taste that I find dominates any other flavors.

By using this simple recipe to pickle the onions you get a transformation of the onion into something that is quite enjoyable. The pickled red onions will turn pink and provide a really nice color contrast to the rest of your plate particularly if its the mahogany colored smoked meat that we serve in the restaurant. I also think these pickled onions would be great on hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos or chopped up, minced and spread over a mile high plate of nachos. They would also be great on any cold cut sandwich. Anywhere you looking to add some color and zing would be an appropriate use of pickled onions.

A common place to find pickled red onions as a side item is in BBQ restaurants. Texas style BBQ restaurants will often service pickle slices, raw onions and sliced white bread as a side. More often then not you can find pickled red onions instead of white onions as a free side/garnish. In some of the more chef driven BBQ restaurants you will find a wide array of pickled items to complement the BBQ. Pickled items like peppers and eggs are not all that uncommon to find.

Click below for the video Recipe:


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