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If you ever get your hands on Wagyu Beef go ahead and grind some up and make a Wagyu Burger. In the video I will also teach you how to top your Wagyu Burger in style. You will learn how to make a Home made Beer Cheese sauce and Crispy Bacon.

My friends from Mason Hill Cattle has got some GREAT Wagyu Beef. I used their Meat in the video. Learn more about them by going here.

This burger video will get your gears going. Check out another one of our Burger recipe videos. I recommend this one where I teach you how to grind your own meat without using a meat grinder. Watch it by clicking HERE

I made a Beer Cheese Sauce by using a pilsner made from Broomfield’s 4 noses Brewery. The light pilsner complements the cheese and makes for a nice pairing. To bring some saltiness and some texture to the burger I pan seared some bacon to get it nice and crispy. The cast iron pan is important. It will captured all the pork fat so that we can cook the burger in pork fat. The pan also will allow us to create a nice curst on burger with the extreme heat for the iron.

Wagyu Burger

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