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Brisket Queso is so Easy to make and you can customize it by adding whatever types of meats or Veggies you want. While I recommend following what I teach you in the video to a “T”, you can make it your own by adding what you like just don’t skimp on the Brisket haha

Brisket Queso
Brisket Queso

Other Cheesey Ideas

If your a cheese Freak like me then you gotta try these Nachos using a Beer cheese I made from scratch. These aint your ordinary nachos because I also used BBQ Brisket. Brisket and Cheese go together like peanut butter and Jelly. Here is the link:

If your looking for a smoked Queso – Meat Church made a nice video recently showing you how to make a Smoked Queso – you can learn how to make his version by clicking here

Brisket Queso – Good Queso

The trick to making a good queso in my opinion is the cheese. I like to use Velveeta. I find the cheese when it melts is perfect for dipping. Its creamy, its smooth and its delicious. I know some folks dont like the idea of using processed cheese and thats great. You can substitute out the velveeta for all your favorite cheeses.

The other trick to a good queso is the peppers. I used jalapeños in this queso. My kids can tolerate the jalapeños as the dairy from the cheese cuts the heat. I also remove the seeds as that will help with the heat level also. If you want a spicy queso go with a habanero or a scotch bonnet pepper. If I was making it for me and the boys thats what I would use. I like a zippy queso that has heat.

Take a look at the video and let me know what you would add to your perfect queso. Im always changing it and looking for good ideas to make it even better!

Brisket Queso Video

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